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Staff Training

Bring the best STEM staff development to your organization

Enjoying the curriculum? Want to know more about how to implement the standards, imbed STEM directly into your existing standards, and make science a little less scary? Sign up for our “train the trainer” sessions!

Training Information

STEMeffect offers hands-on training opportunities for the NGSS-aligned, cross-curricular lessons provided on our website. These firsthand sessions allow your team to work with a certified STEMeffect trainer to delve into curriculum, engineering projects, and hands-on activities to ensure students have a well-rounded experience learning about all things STEM. Customize your experience to include direct training for teachers, a “train the trainer” workshop, or speaking with administrators on ways to implement STEM seamlessly into what you are already doing.

Students with iPad


Let our certified trainers help to provide STEMeffect certification by analyzing the way STEM is already implemented in your school or school system, finding ways to use the methods you already have to maximize STEM 

education, and adding cross-curricular activities to improve your STEM educational experience. We will assess your school’s needs and put together a program that can be completed in person or online. Contact us at for more information.

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