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STEMeffect videos are all based on hands-on activities taken directly from the STEMeffect curriculum. The curriculum was written to include activities which tie directly into each lesson to provide students with a well-rounded experience to further understand the concepts being taught. All lessons are STEM based. They are specifically chosen for the videos for several reasons: 

  • To give teachers an opportunity to perform an experiment which requires materials easily found or purchased

  • To provide a visually appealing experiment for the viewers

  • To describe the “why” behind each experiment – something most STEM videos are lacking

  • To use layman’s terms for the reaction happening

  • To show that “science isn’t scary” and how anyone can perform these experiments at any time 

All experiments can be justified with science standards and tied back to the curriculum, with the target audience being the teachers and/or students conducting the experiments, and give them a simple way to understand what is happening.

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