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STEMeffect provides specialized STEM professional development and certification for individual schools and education systems.

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STEMeffect has programs that serve the needs of every level of your system, whether you are looking to turn a handful of teachers into STEM rockstars, or bring a complete curriculum to your system, and anything in between. 

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STEM effect

STEMeffect has developed a variety of kits that make it possible to get a STEM program up and running overnight. With these kits, you can be certain that your students will be able to complete all the lessons and projects throughout the STEMeffect curriculum. You can also subscribe to receive monthly kits that include everything students need to complete brand new hands-on projects.



STEMeffect’s Certification provides institutions as well as programs within institutions a research-based framework and criteria for their awareness, continuous improvement, and assessment of the quality, rigor, and substance of their STEM educational programs.

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